It’s Time for Real Leadership

Wall Street is burning, and so far I’ve heard little more than competitive rhetoric from the two presidential candidates. It’s time for actual leadership, from these men who would be leaders.

Obama and McCain should ask the networks to set aside 30 minutes tonight, in which each candidate could have 15 minutes to tell us three things: (1) Why what’s happening on Wall Street is important on Main Street; (2) The various people and institutions who deserve blame; and (3) What they would be doing today were they in office, and what they would set up to prevent such troubles in the future. I also wouldn’t mind the naming of a few possible Treasury Secretary candidates (why shouldn’t we know possible cabinet secretaries beforehand?).

We’re waiting.

Update: President Bush did just make some comments, in which he refered to the current troubles as “adjustments.” Somewhere between boilerplate and blindness is our President. Hey Barack and John: You can do better.