Jay Jordan Budgeting For Two More Years of This Crap

Jay Jordan, the head of mid-market firm The Jordan Company, appeared on CNBC this morning to discuss the dealmaking climate. In the segment (after the jump), we learn that Jordan is disgusted with the amount of pork barrel money in the stimulus package, and he proposes two of his own economic cures. Further, he brushes off carried interest as no big thing and says his firm can probably do OK without debt. The Jordan Company has a $200 million all-equity deal in the works, he adds. Finally, Mr. Jordan tells us he’s prepared for two more years of volatility.

The Jordan Co. closed its latest fund in February of last year. Resolute Fund III had $3.6 billion in commitments and was 15% committed on close. The firm did two deals in 2008—the acquisition of Harvey Gulf International Marine Inc for $500 million and an add-on of Mediquest, to portfolio company Worldwide Clinical Trials.