Juicy Madoff Expose Coming Soon to A Bookstore (or Kindle) Near You

Next month, author Jerry Oppenheimer’s newest book, Madoff with the Money, hits bookshelves and electronic readers, and judging by the bombshells it includes, it should make for an excellent summer read.

Among the tidbits that Oppenheimer presents as fact about Madoff (now serving a 150-year prison sentence at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina):

* Madoff was a cad, cheating on wife Ruth throughout their marriage, even paying hush money to one of his big-mouthed mistresses, who happened to be an employee

* Madoff sometimes wore two gold Rolex watches on the same wrist; one to keep time in New York, the other set to Greenwich Mean Time, so he’d know the time at his London office.

* Many acquaintances seemingly underestimated Madoff, who isn’t much of a conversationalist. One told Oppenheimer he’d long thought Madoff was “the dumbest man on earth.”

Oppenheimer specializes in unauthorized biographies; he’s previously written about the Clintons, Vogue‘s Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, and Jerry Seinfeld. His book will be the fourth published about Madoff since March.