Just Like Being There, Minus the Sweating, and the Driving

I might have been the only person in the Bay Area who didn’t make it to TechCrunch’s third annual schmoozefest at the Sand Hill Road offices of August Capital on Friday night. Having just watched some refreshingly good footage of the event by blogger Zennie Abraham, I know better what I missed.

While Abraham walks in with an agenda — to ask party-goers their advice to the Democratic party — what he better surfaces are some of the many interesting projects bubbling up in the tech community, and the characters behind them. I especially enjoyed Abraham’s chat with Technorati founder David Sifry, who both counsels Democrats to keep our nation’s civil liberties at the fore, and chats casually about his new company, Offbeatguides.com, which recently began producing on-demand travel guides to 30,000 destinations. (The company is still in beta, but I love the concept. The guides even pull from online event sites to include shows and other events travelers might want to see on their trip.)

Because — and I hate admitting this — I watched a lot of this 41-minute-long clip, I can tell you that even if you have the time, it’s not worth viewing beyond minute 26. That’s two minutes after renowned Valley blogger Robert Scoble begins to explain to Abraham why his company, Podtech, sold for a small fraction of what it raised from venture capitalists, and four to five minutes before Scoble finally, mercifully, ends that explanation. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=ha-Bvh0n4M4]