Just Linking Around…

The National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Financial have released their latest set of private equity fund performance data (both VC and LBO). The big news is that 1-year, 3-year and 5-year cumulative performance all rose between Q4 2005 and Q1 2006, while 10-year and 20-year figures remained fairly steady. The press release can be found here, while Matt Marshall has an interesting analysis over at SiliconBeat.com. 

Matt is correct that the overall sample size is quite large, but it’s also worth noting that newer funds are severely underrepresented. For example, NVCA/Thomson tracked 110 domestic VC funds formed in 1999, but just 40 for vintage years 2003-2005. Thomson Financial publishes the PE Week Wire. 

*** This space has talked a bunch about the HCA buyout from a private equity perspective, but not in terms of how it will impact the larger healthcare market. Stan Feld (father of venture capitalist Brad Feld) takes a dim view

*** Edward Keon, chief investment strategist for Prudential Equity Group, seems to think my $80 billion buyout ceiling is a bit too low. Check here and here