Just Stepping Out for A Walk

Greetings for the last time in a long time, as I’m heading off for a two-week vacation. Destination is Peru, including a trek along the Inca Trail (to Machu Pichu) and a visit to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.

peHUB will continue to be updated in my absence, with Erin Griffith and Connie Loizos doing most of the heavy lifting. The daily peHUB Wire email also will be published, with Erin taking over (email her any news items). We’ll also have some guest columnists for you.

Be back on June 1, to write about things like the irony of VC firms raising annexes for funds they once cut in size (hello MDV) and how that Clinton Group co-investment fund for NYSCRF (the one that snared Barrett Wissman) has actually performed pretty well. Same blog time. Same blog channel…