Justin Wender Statement on Quitting Castle Harlan

Justin Wender and I weren ‘t able to connect via phone, but he sent over the following statement on his departure from Castle Harlan:

“I have always been very committed to Castle Harlan and really expected to make it my whole career.  I think most people who know me know that. After many conversations over the last several months about the long term direction and future ownership of the firm, it became clear to me that I didn’t share the same perspective as that of John and Leonard, and those differences simply couldn’t be reconciled. I’m disappointed that we didn’t come to a mutual agreement. I have the utmost respect for the people and the firm and wish them the best.”

Still don’t know what the differences were about — sounds like firm economics — nor why Wender and John Castle had such different views of the aforementioned conversations (Castle said he had been “flexible” earlier today)…