K1-backed Onit adds-on Bodhala, Platinum considers single-asset option for porta-potty business United Site Services

K1-backed acquires Bodhala as an add-on and Platinum considers deal for United Site Services.

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Add-on: Onit, a legal enterprise software provider backed by K1 Investment Management, added-on Bodhala, its fourth add-on under K1’s backing, writes Karishma Vanjani today on PE Hub.

K1 invested $200 million in Onit in 2019, and has since added-on AXDRAFT, a document automation tool; McCarthyFinch, an AI platform to accelerate contract reviews; and SimpleLegal, a legal operations software business.

Talks between K1-backed Onit and Bodhala have been in the works for two years, Karishma writes.

“We [Onit CEO and co-founder Eric Elfman and Raj Goyle, Bodhala CEO] met in the summer of 2019,” Goyle said. The dialogue did not lead to a deal right away, as Bodhala wanted to further grow its technology and customer base. “We are a more mature larger business now,” Goyle said. Read the full story here on PE Hub.

Growing: Clearlake’s Wheel Pros, which makes aftermarket vehicle enhancements, merged with automotive lifestyle brand Hoonigan, the firm announced this morning.

Wheel Pros, you may remember, was one of Clearlake’s innovative “Icon” single-asset deals, in which it moved the company out of an older fund and into a continuation vehicle for more time and capital to grow the business.

Clearlake acquired Wheel Pros in 2018. Lead investors in the single-asset transaction were ICG, Blackstone, Pantheon, Portfolio Advisors and Whitehorse Liquidity Partners.

For Clearlake, the point of these Icon deals is to take a company in a fund that may be running out of capital for future investments, and find a way to raise new capital. This while extending its hold and allow existing investors in the older fund to cash out. Read more here.

Hold it: Platinum Equity is considering a deal for more time and capital for its portfolio company United Site Services, a portable restroom rental services business.

A single-asset secondary deal is one of the options Platinum is considering for the business, as well as a more traditional M&A exit or a take-public via an IPO or SPAC, a person with knowledge of the firm told Buyouts.

A single-asset deal could be valued as much as $1.6 billion, sources said. This potentially could include an investment from Platinum’s most recent fund, they said.

Platinum acquired United Site Services in 2017 through its $6.5 billion Fund IV. Read more here.

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