KingSett Presses Ahead with Primaris Acquisition

KingSett Capital is pressing ahead with plans to acquire, directly or indirectly, units of Canadian shopping mall owner and operator Primaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust. The Toronto, Ontario-based KingSett, a private equity firm focused on opportunities in the real estate sector, leads an investor group that includes the C$17 billion Ontario Pension Board. The previously-announced offer has been estimated to value C$4.4 billion.


KS Acquisition II LP announces intention to purchase units of Primaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust

TORONTO, Jan. 24, 2013 /CNW/ – KS Acquisition II LP (the “Offeror”) today announced that it currently intends, at its discretion and subject to market conditions, to acquire, directly or indirectly, beneficial ownership of trust units (“Units”) of Primaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust (“Primaris”) by making purchases through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) at any time and from time to time subject to and in accordance with applicable laws. In no event will the Offeror make any such purchases of Units through the facilities of the TSX until at least one business day following the date of this announcement. The aggregate number of Units acquired in this manner will not exceed 5% of the Units outstanding on December 10, 2012, being the date on which the Offeror commenced its offer to purchase all of the issued and outstanding Units of Primaris for an all-cash consideration of $26.00 per Unit.

The Offeror will issue and file a press release containing the information prescribed by applicable law immediately after the close of business of the TSX on each day on which any such Units have been purchased. For the purposes of this announcement, the “Offeror” includes KingSett Capital Inc., KingSett Real Estate Growth L.P. No. 5, OPB Finance Trust II, and any person acting jointly or in concert with the foregoing.

About KingSett Capital

KingSett Capital is Canada’s leading private equity real estate investment business, co-investing with pension fund and high net worth individual clients. KingSett Capital invests through a series of growth funds, mortgage funds and a core investment income fund, each with its own risk/return strategy. KingSett Capital has executed transactions valued at over $12.5 billion in the past 10 years.

About Ontario Pension Board

Ontario Pension Board administers Ontario’s Public Service Pension Plan, a defined benefit pension plan serving more than 42,000 members and their employers as well as more than 40,000 pensioners and deferred members. With more than $17 billion in assets, it is one of Canada’s largest pension plans. Over the last 20 years, Ontario Pension Board has become one of Canada’s leading direct owners of high quality shopping centres.

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