KP: “No Comment” on Gore Compensation

I really didn’t want to do another Al Gore/Kleiner Perkins post, but…

Yesterday’s press release included the following line: “Mr. Gore also announced that as part of the agreement between the two firms, 100 percent of his salary as a Partner at KPCB will be donated directly to the Alliance for Climate Protection—the non-partisan foundation he chairs that focuses on accelerating policy solutions to the climate crisis.”

Sounds great, except for one nagging question: What does Gore mean by “salary?” Is that just the annual percentage of KP management fees he will receive, or is it more broadly defined as all compensation he will receive (including carried interest on profitable investments)?

I asked that question a few different times — and a few different ways — to a Kleiner spokeswoman, but got nowhere. She said that KP “doesn’t comment on how partners are compensated.” I pointed out that it had already done so via the above comment, but that didn’t help move the conversation forward.

Gore is obviously free to keep or give away whatever he wants, and even the donation of just his management fee is noble. But the press release implied far more, and the refusal to clarify is needlessly stubborn. I respect the right to privacy, but it was KP and Gore who opened this can of worms — not reporters who simply want a better look inside.

Update: The KP spokeswoman has sent an additional email, saying that additional questions about Gore should be directed to his office. Sadly, she doesn’t have a contact name or number. Nor does someone I emailed within KP. So if anyone knows how to get in touch with the former Veep, please let me know…