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LandFund Partners launches Fund II

LandFund Partners said Wednesday it has launched its second private investment fund with more than $5 million in commitments. Nashville, Tennessee-based LandFund develops and manages closed-end private equity funds that acquire row crop farmland in Arkansas and Mississippi. Fund II has agreed to buy farmland of about 2,500 acres near Helena, Arkansas. Fund I accepted $7 million in capital commitments.


ASHVILLE, Tenn. and LEXINGTON, Ky., Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LandFund Partners announced today the opening of its second private investment fund targeting row crop farmland in the Mississippi River Valley. High investor demand has led to over $5 million in preliminary commitments for LandFund Partners II.
Based in Nashville, TN, with offices in Lexington, KY and Helena, AR, the partnership acquires row crop farmland in Arkansas andMississippi. LandFund Partners II recently signed a contract to purchase its first tract: approximately 2,500 acres of high quality, 95% irrigated farmland near Helena, Arkansas.
“Mississippi River Valley farmland is very attractive when compared to other regions. If you look at acreage costs and yields per acre in the Midwest and compare those prices to acreage costs and yields per acre in Arkansas and Mississippi, you will find that row crop farmland in our target region offers you much more value per acre,” said John Farris, Founder and President of LandFund Partners.
“It is difficult for the average investor to identify quality farmland, purchase the land at attractive valuations, and manage the property in order to generate returns on their investment. We aim to provide investors with the opportunity to participate in the asset appreciation of farmland properties,” said Blake Brickman, Managing Director of LandFund Partners.
“Farmland is an excellent addition to many investment portfolios, partly due to its history of non-correlation with traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Among other factors, strong returns in farmland are driven by increasing demand for grains by a growing global population with a more protein intensive diet,” added Farris. “We are excited to announce the launch of Fund II. Prospective investors can learn more by contacting us or visiting”
About LandFund Partners
LandFund Partners develops and manages closed-end private equity funds that acquire and hold row crop farmland in the Mississippi River Valley region. Farmland with high quality soil and long-term water supply is identified, purchased, and rented to farm operators under the supervision of a professional management team with over 100 years of farming experience in the region. In October 2013, Fund I closed on 2,400 acres of high quality farmland near Moon Lake, Mississippi after accepting capital commitments of $7 million.