Levinsohn Responds to Calcanis

Valleywag is hearing that ex-AOL CEO Jon Miller could be on the shortlist to replace Jerry Yang at Yahoo, and yesterday posted an interview about it with Jason Calcanis. For the uninitiated, Calcanis worked for Miller after AOL bought Weblogs Inc., and Miller now sits on the board of Calcanis’ latest venture Mahalo. Anyway, Calcanis of course thinks it’s a great idea, and adds that Miller could also pull in former Fox Interactive poobah Ross Levinsohn to oversee corp dev.

Only problem, of course, is that both Miller and Levinsohn are currently venture capitalists with Velocity Interactive Group. More specifically, they have become Velocity Interactive Group since joining late last year (it was previously known as ComVentures). So I asked Ross Levinsohn to respond to Calcanis’ enthusiasm. Here’s what he emailed back:

Jason is a great guy and very smart. Our fund is kicking ass and we (Jon and I) are having as much fun as we’ve ever had professionally. Three of our companies are in acquisition talks (not w/ yahoo though). Guess we’re flattered that people think Jon/I could help Yahoo, but we’re very happy where we are and what the future holds for Velocity.

So, whaddya think? Looks like a denial, but feels like there’s plenty of wiggle room. There’s be some hell to pay for bailing on Velocity so fast, but opportunities like this don’t come along every day (not even in theory).

Update: Levinsohn writes back in to say he “didn’t leave any wiggle room.” Fair enough, my mistake. Yahoo will need to find other saviors.