LGT Capital Partners completes LGT Capital Management merger

LGT Capital Partners has completed its merger with LGT Capital Management. The move sees LGT Capital Partners strengthening its position as a provider of multi-alternatives solutions in Europe, increasing its assets under management to over $50 billion.


LGT Capital Partners today announced the completion of its merger with LGT Capital Management as of 25 April 2014. LGT Capital Management will be fully integrated as of 1 June 2014. This move will see LGT Capital Partners strengthen its position as a leading provider of multi-alternatives solutions in Europe, increasing its assets under management to above USD 50 billion.

Following the completion of the required legal tasks, and with all legal and regulatory approvals having been granted, the operational integration will take place as of 1 June 2014. LGT’s asset management business will operate under the name LGT Capital Partners, and it will be regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as an asset manager of collective investment schemes and as a representative of foreign investment schemes in Switzerland.

Roberto Paganoni, CEO of LGT Capital Partners: “LGT’s asset management businesses were previously organized in two separate units. However, the boundaries between specialized traditional and alternative asset classes have become increasingly blurred in recent years. Bringing these activities together under one management team will enable us to optimize our investment offering, and to deliver services to our clients from a single source. We will thus be ideally positioned in the alternative investments market, which is enjoying strong growth worldwide.”

About LGT Capital Partners
LGT Capital Partners is a leading alternative investment specialist with over USD 50 billion in assets under management and more than 400 institutional clients. Its international team of over 300 professionals is responsible for managing a wide range of investment programs focusing on private markets, liquid alternatives and multi-asset-class solutions. Headquartered in Pfaeffikon (SZ), Switzerland, the firm has offices in New York, Dublin, London, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Vaduz, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo.