Limelife Raises Fourth Round This Year

Limelife, a Menlo Park company that develops mobile games and lifestyle applications targeted at women, is closing in on a $6.4, eighth round of capital, according to a recent SEC filing. The money, coming from U.S. Ventures Partners, Rustic Canyon Ventures, Monitor Ventures, i-Hatch Ventures, and Core Capital Partners, will bring total funding for four-year-old to $33.6 million.

Mobile game publishing is a highly competitive space. Still, some marginally successful mobile games based on old television series have been earning around $5 million a year, according to Nielsen Mobile, and that’s one market that LimeLife seems to be chasing. So far this year, the company has developed “Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal” with NBC Universal and the show’s executive producer, Dick Wolf. For $5 a month, users can comb a crime scene in New York on their phone, then question witnesses and bring the case to the courtroom. Limelife more recently developed a $3-per-month application that invites users to download the recipes of celebrity cook Rachael Ray from her Food Network show.

Limelife has also been developing fee-based mobile applications for magazine publishers, and has already locked down two Time Inc. titles: People and InStyle.

[Update: Looks like the VentureExpert database of Thomson Reuters has steered me wrong in this post. According to its data, LimeLife had raised $27.17 million as of June, across seven rounds: $5.2 million in August 2005, $10 million in March, 2006, $1 million in August 2006, $3.9 million in May 2007, $0.9 million in March of this year, $4.8 million in May, and $1.4 million in June.

Without being specific, LimeLife CEO Kristin McDonnell just informed me that this data is wrong, and that LimeLife has raised a total of $24.75 million to date, including its most recent round of $4.75 million, closed in May.

Asked about Limelife’s newest SEC filing for $6.4 million, dated July 31, McConnell explained that it “was a compilation of the actual round, a rights offering, and warrant conversions, so that’s why it appears to be for more than $4.75MM.”

Sorry, Limelife. Maybe I should spend more time playing with my phone applications and less time looking at filings.]