LocalVox Media Acquires Postling

Software as a service provider LocalVox Media has completed its acquisition of Postling. Postling is an online and mobile application that helps small business owners tackle social media management. LocalVox Media also recently announced its $7.4 million Series A funding.


LocalVox Media Inc., which two weeks ago announced its $7.4m Series A funding, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Postling. With the world’s leading Social Inbox application, Postling and its over 20,000 small business customers will become part of LocalVox’s commitment to making simple, effective and affordable online marketing available to the 27m small and medium size businesses in the US.

“LocalVox is committed to making marketing affordable and effective for any size business and Postling helps us deliver,” said David Pachter, LocalVox CEO.

Postling’s product has been integrated into the newly released LocalVox 3.0 content marketing and local discovery engine which will now include a unified social media inbox that publishes to a host of social media channels; and MobileCast, a mobile, geo-targeted deal platform that makes mobile marketing easy.

The Postling Social Inbox will also continue on as a standalone social media management application at Postling.com.

Postling’s email-style inbox that was designed to help local businesses focus on the specific actions they should take based on how customers are interacting with them throughout the web and how influential they are. Postling subscribers can respond to such action prompts and post to social media sites via email or mobile without having to login to a social media service or even Postling.

“Social media has become the leading channel for customer relationship management and loyalty marketing for local businesses. Postling takes something that is inherently complex like monitoring and driving social conversations online, and makes it simple. Postling’s Social Inbox lets businesses focus on what actions they need to take as opposed to overwhelming them with ‘Matrix-like’ streams of data and forcing them to guess like most tools,” said LocalVox President, Trevor Sumner.

Postling is architected to support large multi-location businesses managing thousands of individual locations and social media accounts. Postling enables each location to post separately while providing oversight, mass syndication and brand enforcement by central management.

“Social media has become the core distribution and feedback mechanism for a company’s local online marketing efforts and Postling simplifies the task of spreading the word about your business, monitoring relevant posts and quickly and easily responding to what is being said ” said Haim Schoppik, the Postling CTO and Etsy co-founder, who has also joined the LocalVox team.

LocalVox is the leading software as a service (SaaS) provider of local, social and mobile marketing applications for local businesses and publishers. LocalVox’s mission is to make local online marketing simple, effective and affordable to enable all businesses to market like big brands. The company is headquartered in New York City and was named one of the six fast growing tech companies by Forbes and ten hottest NYC startups in 2012 by Business Insider.

Postling is an industry leading online and mobile application that helps small business owners tackle the often daunting task of social media management. Postling allows small business owners to take control of their social reputation by aggregating all of their social media accounts into a simple, actionable, email-style Social Inbox. Businesses can manage their reputation via the web, mobile app or entirely through email, making it the most simple and affordable way for local businesses to effectively leverage social media.