Lynn Tilton is Looking for an Executive Assistant to Satisfy “Needs and Desires”

Do you want to work in private equity? Can you handle the “Diva of Distressed”?

If so, then Lynn Tilton has a job for you. Tilton, who is the head of Patriarch Partners, is looking for an executive assistant to “work by her side as she endeavors to save American jobs,” according to Dealbreaker. This person will “manage the daily health and well-being of Ms. Tilton,” the story says. He or she must also anticipate the “needs and desires” of the unorthodox CEO, Dealbreaker says.

The job requires applicants to travel with Tilton and be available at a moment’s notice, meet and greet clients, and be able to manage Tilton’s real estate properties, Dealbreaker says. Also, you should be thick-skinned and come with a “do whatever it takes” mentality, the story says.

A more mundane version of the job (we think they’re the same) is posted on OneWire, an online recruiting site for financial services jobs. Here Tilton is looking for an EA/office manager who will “liaise with portfolio company executives,” meet & greet clients in a “warm & friendly manner,” set up conference rooms and order food for business meetings. The person will also care for all living plants in the office, provide backup for the PA, and run personal errands and personal shopping for Tilton. They should also have a “do whatever it takes” mentality, the ad says. There’s no mention about satisfying Tilton’s desires but I’m sure that’s implied.

With either position, this is a lot for an EA. There’s no mention of when the position is starting or of hazard pay. OneWire is listing the position as “closed” so it’s not clear if someone has been hired or if the two positions are the same. However, there are five other jobs at Patriarch that are available including CEO, CFO and chief corporate counsel, according to the OneWire site. I placed a call to Patriarch’s head of communications but haven’t heard back.

The last time we reported on Tilton she was featured on “20/20” talking to Barbara Walters about the lives of the super rich. This came after Forbes did a devastating investigation into the so-called “Diva of Distressed” in which Tilton allegedly propositioned male employees, screamed, spit and raged on desktops. The probe was bad enough that the Sundance Channel called off Tilton’s planned reality show.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Mike Segar