Mantis Deposition Raises £3 Million

Mantis Deposition Ltd., a UK-based maker of deposition instrumentation for novel materials R&D, has raised £3 million investment with independent private equity specialists NVM Private Equity. Beanstalk Management served as placement agent.


Beanstalk Management, the leading corporate finance advisor specialising in the small and mid‐market, has successfully concluded a private equity investment on behalf of Mantis Deposition Limited. Selected as exclusive advisor, Beanstalk Management has drawn on its unique technology sector expertise to complete the £3 million investment with independent private equity specialists NVM Private Equity Limited.

Founded in 2003, Mantis Deposition Limited designs and manufactures high quality deposition instrumentation for novel materials research and development. The company also engages in the contract coating of conventional thin films and the development of unique nanoparticle coatings for industrial applications such as high efficiency photovoltaic cells, nanocoating‐enabled medical devices and fuel cells.

“Mantis empowers nanocoating research and our technology is behind some of the major innovations in our field. The commercialisation of nanotechnology is becoming increasingly relevant and NVM’s investment recognises both the relevance of nanotechnology and the value of a quality nanocoatings business such as ours,” commented Mantis Deposition’s Managing Director, Lars Allers.

“I am exceptionally pleased with the dual‐track competitive process Beanstalk Management ran for us,” added Allers. “Mantis’ value proposition is highly technical and they were able to convey a complex value proposition in a way that both potential buyers and investors were able to understand. Beanstalk negotiated an excellent result for me and my business which would have been hard to replicate without the care and attention they applied throughout the entire process”.

Peter Hodson, NVM Private Equity Limited commented, “as the investor, it was reassuring to know that Mantis was being advised by Beanstalk Management. Beanstalk continually thought ahead to ensure that we were given exactly what we needed and this certainly helped secure the investment. We are delighted to have invested in Mantis and do not underestimate the role Beanstalk Management played during this process.”

“Mantis Deposition is an excellent company and NVM’s growth investment will allow them to commercialise their capability further and fulfil their potential. In particular, Mantis’ unique nanoparticle deposition technology is truly disruptive and will no doubt enable many new groundbreaking applications,” said Beanstalk Management Director, Richard Baker. “Beanstalk has maximised shareholder value and we are very excited for Mantis Deposition, Lars and NVM.”