Marathon Partners Up

Marathon Asset Management has named five new partners: Andrew Rabinowitz (Chief Operating Officer), Richard Ronzetti (Global Investment Management & Head of Research), Jon Halpern (Head of Real Estate), Steve Kim (CIO of Asia) and Adam Phillips (CIO of Europe). 



Marathon Asset Management (“Marathon“) is delighted to announce the appointment of five additional Partners: Andrew Rabinowitz (Chief Operating Officer), Richard Ronzetti (Global Investment Management & Head of Research), Jon Halpern (Head of Real Estate), Steve Kim (CIO of Asia), and Adam Phillips (CIO of Europe).


Marathon was founded by Bruce Richards and Louis Hanover in January 1998 as an alternative asset manager focused on global credit investment opportunities. During the past 11 years, Marathon has defined a set of firm-wide principles based upon responsible corporate governance, committed leadership and collaborative decision making that represents the foundation for the partnership.


“The expansion of the partnership is based upon each partner’s contribution. Richard, Jon, Steve, Adam and Andrew have proven to be invaluable by demonstrating leadership, commitment and making contributions that certainly merits their ownership stake and inclusion into the partnership,” said Bruce Richards, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marathon Asset Management.


Louis Hanover, Marathon‘s Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, added: “Today’s announcement marks the next step in Marathon‘s natural evolution. We have long intended to expand the partnership to reflect the collective leadership of our organization. We have strengthened our partnership with key representatives from our core strategies and geographies and are now better positioned to deliver maximum value to our investors.”


In January 2007, Marathon formed an Executive Committee of the firm which includes several other leaders at the firm in addition to the partners. Through the formation of the Executive Committee and the expansion of its partnership, Marathon further serves its stated objectives and solidifies the leadership of the firm.


Mr. Rabinowitz, Marathon‘s Chief Operating Officer and newly-elected partner, said: “Investors, counterparts and employees benefit from cohesive and aligned leaders who are focused on and rewarded by the long-term successful performance of our funds and our firm.”


Marathon believes that the expanded partnership will enhance financial performance and better position the firm long term. The right alignment and corporate ownership structure is critical as Marathon continues to work through the current challenging investment climate and prepares to take advantage of what is likely to become the greatest distressed cycle of the current generation.


Mr. Richards concluded: “We congratulate our new partners on this well-deserved accomplishment with further appreciation to the dedication of Marathon‘s hard-working staff, and are sincerely grateful to our investors for their support and commitment over these many years.”


About Marathon Asset Management, LP


Marathon Asset Management, LP is a global alternative investment and asset management company with $10 billion in capital under management. Marathon‘s core businesses include hedge funds, private equity, structured finance, emerging markets, and real estate. Founded in 1998, the firm has 150 professionals worldwide with headquarters in New York City and investment offices in London and Singapore. The firm’s investment management team specializes in global debt, including high yield, bank debt, distressed debt, emerging market debt, special situations, structured finance, structured debt transactions and real estate opportunities and investments.


Marathon Asset Management, LP is a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more information, visit the company’s web site at .