Mats Lönnqvist elected to Board of Stockholm-Based Payair Technologies

Mats Lönnqvist has been elected to the board of Stockholm-based Payair Technologies, a privately held mobile commerce company. Lönnqvist has previously served as the CFO and vice chairman of the SAS group, as well as in roles at Eniro, Ratos, Securum, Pharmacia and Esselte.


Mats Lönnqvist was elected as a member of the board of Swedish company Payair Technologies at the shareholders’ meeting on Thursday. Payair, the leading actor in mobile commerce, is entering a rapid phase of expansion. Mr. Lönnqvist has a great deal of experience as a business leader in enterprises such as the SAS Group.
Payair is well in the lead on the market for mobile commerce with its solution, which has been operating for over a year. The company is now in a rapid phase of expansion, with many new agreements and clients.

“In the phase we now find ourselves in, it is very important for the company to bring as experienced a business leader as he is onto the board. Mr. Lönnqvist is incredibly valuable to us,” says Payair chairman Lennart Schönning.
Mr. Lönnqvist has over 20 years of experience as a CFO and CEO in companies facing great changeovers. For two years – 2009 to 2011 – he was CFO and vice-chairman of the SAS group. Prior to that, Mr. Lönnqvist was employed in companies such as Eniro, Ratos, Securum, Pharmacia and Esselte. He also has broad experience in various assignments on different Boards of Directors.

“Payair is an extremely interesting enterprise which enjoys a wide lead in an industry whose development will start to pick up proper speed very soon. I can contribute my experience and structure to this company’s rapid development,” he says.

Payair is the industry leading mobile shopping solution that offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to shop using their smartphones. With the Payair application, consumers can complete their mobile purchase processes in less than ten seconds, on the Internet, as well as in retail shops, restaurants and other shopping environments. Businesses can speed up and simplify their sales processes, resulting in increased sales by using Payair’s suite of mobile shopping solutions.
The purchase process includes a ‘buy’ button when browsing the web on mobile phones or scanning of QR codes on the web that activates the Payair service on smartphones, authenticates the user, self-checkout and payment by credit or debit card from MasterCard or Visa. The solution is secured with multiple layers of encryption and no sensitive data is stored in the phone. The solution is free of charge for the customers and easy for the merchants to implement within their existing shopping and payment systems. Payair is a privately held Swedish company with franchise partners in several markets worldwide.