Maveron Looking for Permanent Hearth in SF

I thought it was curious when I posted earlier today how Maveron has opened a San Francisco office for Partner Amy Errett to call home.

The office isn’t as curious as the location. The consumer-focused firm said it was hanging its shingle a few blocks west of the heart of the financial district on a short block shadowed by tall buildings.

Just got off the phone with Errett, who says the office locale is temporary. Ideally, they’re looking in the areas South of Market and Jackson Square to setup more permanent digs.

Now that makes sense, since the firm is looking to scout the industry for promising wellness, online education and Internet-based consumer services businesses to back.

Errett says she’s “in the thick” of looking for space and expects to find a locale in early 2010. The temporary office beats having to commute back and forth from San Francisco to Seattle, which is what Errett had been doing.

“We feel entrepreneurial and we don’t want to be in a downtown highrise. We want to be with the startups,”  says Errett, who has been a partner at Settale-based Maveron since August 2008, following a six-month stint as an EIR with Maveron and Trinity Ventures. Before that, she was the CEO of, an online travel site, and a senior officer at E-Trade Financial Corp.

Since joining Maveron, Errett has been involved in three deals, having led the investments in Altius Education, Livemocha and KidZui.

Maveron is currently investing from a $150 million fourth fund that it raised in February 2007.