McRock Capital Adds Pozzuoli as Advisor

McRock Capital has named Marzio Pozzuoli, the founder and former chief of RuggedCom, to its advisory board. McRock is a venture capital fund focused on “intelligent infrastructure” companies in North America.

McRock Capital is pleased to announce that Mr. Marzio Pozzuoli, founder and former President and CEO of RuggedCom, has joined the Advisory Board of McRock Capital. Mr. Pozzuoli is one of the most successful Smart Grid entrepreneurs in the industry having sold his company earlier this year to Siemens for approximately CDN$ 440 million. Mr. Pozzuoli led RuggedCom to profitability within 18 months following the close of a single CDN$ 4 million venture capital financing.

The venture capitalists that backed RuggedCom are the Managing Partners of McRock Capital, Scott MacDonald and Whitney Rockley. “We are very proud to join forces with Marzio once again,” said Scott MacDonald, Co-founder of McRock Capital and former Chairman of RuggedCom. “When wildly successful entrepreneurs work alongside experienced venture capitalists, great companies can be built.”

“Marzio is a true entrepreneur. He is highly respected in his industry, is passionate about serving his customers and is fanatical about execution. We are delighted to have Marzio as part of our team,” said Whitney Rockley, Co-founder of McRock Capital.

“This is perhaps a rare case of the entrepreneur backing the VC but it makes sense because I want to support the investors that financed me when no one else would. I want to help build more companies like RuggedCom in Canada and this provides me with a perfect platform to do just that,” said Marzio Pozzuoli, founder and former President and CEO of RuggedCom.

About McRock Capital
McRock is a venture capital fund focused exclusively on iNtelligent iNfrastructure companies in North America. McRock is partnering with companies that are developing industrial data solutions to help established industries operate more efficiently. These companies provide innovative software, hardware and device integrated solutions to large industries such as water, electric power and oil & gas.