Meister to be named chairman of Partners Group

Steffen Meister will be named to succeed Peter Wuffli as chairman of Partners Group. The firm’s board will propose the change at its annual meeting on May 9. Wuffli will be appointed vice chairman of the board.


Steffen Meister proposed as next Chairman of Partners Group’s Board of Directors; Peter Wuffli to be reelected as Board member and appointed Vice Chairman

Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, today announces a rotation of responsibilities in its Board of Directors, with the objective of transitioning Board leadership to the next generation while ensuring continuity in strategy and focus. The Board will propose Steffen Meister as its next Chairman at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on 9 May 2018. Steffen Meister will succeed Peter Wuffli, who has been Chairman since 2014. Peter Wuffli will be proposed for reelection and appointment as Vice Chairman of the Board.


Under Peter Wuffli’s chairmanship, the Board has been strengthened and broadened in terms of the expertise and diversity of experience and background of its members. Beyond its statutory duties and supervisory tasks, the Board today actively contributes to Partners Group’s growth and development by supporting investment activities, advancing senior business leaders and working alongside regional teams on business development and major client relationships.


Peter Wuffli, currently Chairman of the Board of Directors, states: “I have tremendously enjoyed leading such a diverse group of high caliber, entrepreneurial Board members on key strategic, cultural and leadership-related topics over the past four years. I sincerely believe we have a great global team and investment platform today, which should serve as a catalyst for continued success in the coming years. Yet, after nine years as a Board member, I feel the time is right to step aside.”


He adds: “I have worked closely with Steffen for many years and I am certain he has the right leadership qualities to take over as Chairman. The board unanimously shares this view, given the significant role he has played in contributing to the success of the firm to-date and the strategic vision he has consistently demonstrated as a Board member. We are delighted to propose him as my successor to our shareholders in May.”


Steffen Meister is based in Zug and focuses in his current role as Delegate of the Board/President of Partners Group on leading and coordinating the firm’s major business development initiatives, while overseeing its executive management. He has been with Partners Group since 2000 and was its Chief Executive Officer from 2005 to 2013. Steffen Meister has been a Board Member since 2013.


Steffen Meister comments: “I would like to thank Peter and my colleagues in the Board for their confidence in me. I am excited to further contribute to driving forward the development of the firm and will do my best in the new role to serve Partners Group in the long-term interests of its stakeholders.”


Alfred Gantner, Co-Founder and former Chairman, adds: “Peter has had a substantial, positive impact on our firm and its governance during his nine years on the Board, as Partners Group has evolved to become one of the global leaders in private markets investment management. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank him for his contribution as Chairman and for his commitment to supporting this transition in his new role of Vice Chairman. I am very pleased that Steffen has agreed to take on the Chairman role and, together with the entire Board, I look forward to working with him in this new capacity.”


About Partners Group

Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm with EUR 62 billion (USD 74 billion) in investment programs under management in private equity, private real estate, private infrastructure and private debt. The firm manages a broad range of customized portfolios for an international clientele of institutional investors. Partners Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has offices in Denver, Houston, New York, São Paulo, London, Guernsey, Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney. The firm employs over 1,000 people and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: PGHN) with a major ownership by its partners and employees.