Merriman Holdings Inc. Names Bradley Rotter to its Independent Advisory Board

Merriman Holdings Inc. named Bradley Rotter to its independent advisory board. Rotter is chairman of AirPatrol Corp. and has been a public and private venture investor for 30 years. He is also an advisory board member of the hedge fund Symmetry Peak and the private equity fund Pacific Homeland Security Partners. Merriman is a San Francisco, Calif.-based financial services firm.


Merriman Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: MERR) today announced that it has appointed Bradley Rotter to its independent advisory board.

Rotter has been a public and private venture investor for 30 years. In 1982, while speculating on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, he began allocating his capital to other risk-takers and was the first investor in numerous money management boutiques and was also an early provider of equity seed capital to emerging managers.

Rotter has been involved in a variety of alternative asset classes, which span from financial futures and commodities to oil tankers and satellites. Rotter was awarded the “Private Deal of the Year Award” by Investors Dealer’s Digest for an innovative structured finance transaction.

Rotter now focuses his time and capital investing in enterprises that impact Homeland Security. He currently serves as chairman of AirPatrol Corporation, a leader in wireless threat management solutions to governments and enterprises and chairman of HALO Maritime Defense Systems, which has developed an unique maritime security barrier to protect high value maritime targets against small boat attacks.

Rotter serves on the board of directors of a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, Sequella Inc. In addition, he serves an Advisory Board member of the hedge fund Symmetry Peak, and the private equity fund Pacific Homeland Security Partners.

Rotter will draw on his deep Homeland Security knowledge and asset management expertise to help guide the firm’s senior management in advising and financing fast-growing defense and technology related companies.

“I look forward to having Brad on the advisory board. He is a true contrarian and pioneer in seeking out undiscovered investment opportunities well in advance of the mainstream investment community,” said Jon Merriman, co-chairman of Merriman Holdings, Inc. “Brad’s relentless energy, vision and passion for the investment process will help the team execute on our long term growth strategy.”

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