MESA Global Adds Brody to Biz Dev Post

MESA Global, a New York-based, entertainment-focused merchant bank and business services firm, has named Jacob Brody to the newly created post of head of business and community development. Previously, Brody covered startups, venture capital, digital media, technology and public policy as a writer for the blog VentureBeat. At MESA, he will scout for companies that are poised for growth and exploring strategic options, the firm said.

MESA Global, the leading entertainment-focused merchant bank and business services firm, today announced the appointment of Jacob Brody as Head of Business & Community Development, a newly created position.

In this role, Brody, a born-and-raised New Yorker, will leverage his deep understanding of New York City’s startup and technology scene to serve as a scout for companies poised for growth and exploring strategic options. Brody will serve as MESA’s pulse in this burgeoning and ascendant landscape.

Previously, Brody covered startups, venture capital, digital media, technology, and public policy as a writer for popular tech outlet VentureBeat as well as for his own personal blog, Empire Startup Mind. Brody is also the co-founder and Chairman of Standard Start, a non-profit that provides budding entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in today’s increasingly crowded market.

Brody’s hiring by MESA marks a first step towards creating a new paradigm for an investment bank and business services firm whereby it forges intimate one-on-one relationships with growing companies and invests time in the companies—from ideation through IPO.

“We are excited at identifying and helping to nourish the most promising companies emerging in Silicon Alley,” said Mark Patricof, co-founder and managing partner of MESA Global. “Jacob is singular in his knowledge of this marketplace and he’s very well versed in the resources and instruments that can help companies grow.”

“My position will allow me to continue my work in the entrepreneurial community as MESA actively engages companies at the earliest stages and shepherds them through the process of building a company,” said Brody. “MESA leads deal flow in today’s environment because of their understanding of the startup scene and the importance of driving innovation.”

About MESA Global
Founded in 2008 by managing partners Mark Patricof, Jerome Levy and Brian Richards, MESA is a new type of strategic and financial advisory firm specifically designed to enable clients—the creators, producers, marketers and distributors of traditional and digital media and entertainment—to better create and capture value in this rapidly changing industry. MESA’s deep operating and transactional experience ranges from the traditional sectors such as film, TV, music and advertising through to the emerging sectors of digital and social media, technology, mobile and software. One of a select group of firms that has proven its ability to successfully navigate the global marketplace for media and entertainment finance, MESA has completed more than $2 billion of complex industry deals.