Mike Reid Leaves 3i for Frog Capital

Mike Reid has joined Frog Capital (f.k.a. Foursome Investments), a London-based private equity firm focused on the cleantech and IT sectors. He previously was part of 3i Group’s growth equity team.



Frog Capital, a London based European investment firm that invests in cleantech and ICT, today launches its new identity, having expanded its funds under management and brought in a new Managing Partner, Mike Reid, from 3i’s Growth Capital team.


Founded and backed by one of Europe’s most significant family offices, representing the Engelhorn family, Frog was formerly known as Foursome Investments.  The firm’s portfolio includes six cleantech companies, all in rapidly developing sectors. One of these has been exited through a sale to Severn-Trent Plc. 


Most other funds are either nursing wounded investments or getting out of the market completely. Frog Capital is expanding. Why?  First, because it can.  Being backed by a major family office enables Frog to think long-term and counter-cyclically. Second, because it should. Downturns are famously profitable for the careful investor with real insight into the market. Frog’s blend of sector-based investing and flexible range of deal types mean it can team up effectively with many of Europe’s best entrepreneurial teams.


Frog Capital has increased its funds available for investment from €60m to €100m. Cleantech remains a core activity, but there are also too many opportunities in the IT & digital media market to ignore. The firm is leading or working in partnership on deals from between €2m to €20m with growth stage companies in both these sectors.


Frog Capital’s new branding reflects the firm’s individuality as well as the kind of metamorphosis it can effect in ambitious companies, through the clever application of not just capital, but honest appraisal, strong networks, market knowledge, experience and close teamwork.


Commenting on Frog’s new direction, Managing Partner Mike Reid says: “Be hungry to invest when others are fearful, we’re told. At Frog Capital, we’re doing exactly that. The funds are being raised to €100m, we’re hiring some great new people and we’re optimistic about the future. We have a strong backer in the family that has financed us, with a long-term vision that we all share.”