Minno Raises Loot, Rebrands Self

Minno is Minno no more. The online payments company raised $700,000 in the form of a seed round from investors including GRP Partners and Farhad Mohit, the Shopzilla founder, and is rebranding itself as well. According to its blog posting, Minno will rebrand as BuySimple. Specifics on the funding or personnel moves were not made public. The company was founded by Google veterans Calvin Young and Noah Ready-Campbell.


Life is really crazy at a startup. Just as all the excitement around SoundRain is calming down, we have two more awesome announcements to make.

First, we just raised a $700k seed round from some awesome investors, including GRP Partners and Farhad Mohit (founder of Shopzilla). Our investors bring an incredible amount of domain expertise in payments, media, and publishing, and we can’t wait to work more closely with them moving forward.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve officially changed our name to BuySimple! What we’ve noticed is that our users are generally most excited about our product’s ease-of-use, which the name BuySimple really highlights as the primary benefit. The other upshot here is that we get to avoid dealing with a pesky domain-squatter who’s asking for an absurd amount of money for the minno.com domain.