More on the Sequoia Hedge Fund

Yesterday we reported that Sequoia Capital is planning to raise a hedge fund, and also that it had hired Eric Upin, former chief investment officer for the Stanford University endowment. We believe that the two are somehow related, but have since learned that Sequoia has made another hedge hire: Michael Beckwith, a former principal with Maverick Capital.

Beckwith’s name just popped up on the Sequoia website, where it says he will focus on “global public market investments.” He is the only Sequoia professional whose website bio says anything about such an initiative (Upin is not yet listed).

The only additional info we have comes from a source who recently interviewed for a job at Sequoia. He was told that Beckwith was launching a public equities team that would be tech-focused, but not tech-exclusive.

Also perhaps worth noting that the firm’s website update also included the additions of several new Sequoia investors in India.