MotaWord taps Reza as COO

New York City-based MotaWord, a collaborative translation platform, has hired Ali Reza as chief operations officer. Previously, Reza worked at TPG Capital‘s operations group.



Mr. Reza joins MotaWord ( after nearly two decades of leadership roles in companies ranging from global Fortune 500 consumer brands to local New York City healthcare start-ups. Mr. Reza’s experience will help MotaWord broaden its reach across industries and around the globe.

Mr. Reza spent six years in TPG Capital’s Operations Group driving transformational change side-by-side with top executives. Mr. Reza’s work in consumer brands, retail apparel, information services, industrial goods, and healthcare spanned markets in Asia, Europe and North America. Prior to TPG, he was a strategy consultant for The Boston Consulting Group in BCG’s Hong Kong, Boston, and New York offices. Mr. Reza has an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in International Relations from Tufts University. He speaks, reads and writes Chinese (Mandarin), having lived, studied and worked professionally in China and Taiwan for ten years.

Evren Ay, CEO and founder of MotaWord, comments “From day one, MotaWord had global aspirations. Helping companies with their localization needs. We aim to become the go-to address for anyone seeking high-quality translations fast and within budget for all languages. Ali’s experience in running organizations globally and ramping them up fast is a welcome addition to our platform’s global growth.”

Mr. Reza believes MotaWord is poised to disrupt the $40B a year global industry, because MotaWord’s unique translation platform solves the traditional trade-off between quality and speed, at a price that surprises experienced customers. “Rare is the vendor who is equally beloved by the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Procurement Officer” points out Reza. “MotaWord can save companies thousands or millions of dollars a year on translation — all while improving quality and accelerating turnaround time.”

About MotaWord: A New York City-based collaborative translation platform, MotaWord was established in 2014 and is the world’s fastest, cloud-based, collaborative human translation platform. MotaWord allows vetted translators to work on translation projects simultaneously through the use of a cloud based translation and management platform; delivering high-quality and cost-effective translations in record time.

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