MTS Health Investors rebrands as WindRose Health Investors

New York-based healthcare-focused private equity firm MTS Health Investors has rebranded as WindRose Health Investors LLC. WindRose currently manages over $700 million in capital.


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MTS Health Investors, LLC, the New York-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce that it has rebranded as WindRose Health Investors, LLC. The firm shares a common lineage with leading healthcare investment bank, MTS Health Partners, L.P., and therefore inherited a similar name. However, the two businesses are independent and have operated separately for many years. Going forward, we believe that each firm will benefit from having a distinct brand and market identity. The new name does not signify any additional changes at MTS Health Investors, which continues to be independently owned and managed by its partners.

Over the years we have often talked about the importance of knowing which way the wind is blowing when investing in healthcare. A “wind rose” is a graphical depiction of the direction and force of the prevailing winds in a given location. By knowing which way the wind is blowing, we are able to invest in businesses that stand to benefit from the strongest industry tailwinds while avoiding areas prone to challenging headwinds.

As part of our re-branding, WindRose Health Investors has a new web address, Please visit us there to see our new website and to learn more about our strategy.

About WindRose Health Investors
WindRose Health Investors makes equity investments in companies that operate within the services sectors of the healthcare industry. WindRose Health Investors focuses on companies with profitable business models and a demonstrated ability to deliver cost-effective solutions. WindRose Health Investors manages over $700 million of capital and is currently investing out of its fourth fund. WindRose Health Investors is based in New York City and invests in companies throughout the United States.
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