Muirfield adds to advisory board

Boston-based Muirfield Investment Partners, a private equity real estate firm, has named Arthur Bavelas to its advisory board. Bavelas is the CEO of Bavelas Group. In 1998, he founded Family Office Insights to “provide meaningful access and engagement for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers.”


BOSTON, Oct. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Muirfield Investment Partners announced the addition of Arthur Bavelas, CEO of Bavelas Group LLC, to their advisory board. Mr. Bavelas joins an impressive list of individuals spanning technology and financial services fields, including Gari Singh, John D’Agostino, and Manie Eagar. As a professional family office investor, Mr. Bavelas will help ensure that the investor is central to all of Muirfield’s innovative blockchain solutions for private equity.

About Arthur Bavelas
As an entrepreneur, author, and family office investor, Arthur Bavelas is a pioneer in developing one of the first private opportunity peer review networks for investors within the family office community. He founded Family Office Insights in 1998 to provide meaningful access and engagement for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers.

Mr. Bavelas draws upon his own experience founding, building and exiting a successful technology startup to evaluate opportunities spanning technology, market access, and impact investing. He frequently speaks about wealth preservation and legacy investing. His written work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Investment Advisor.

About Muirfield Investment Partners
Headquartered in Boston, MA, Muirfield Investment Partners is an opportunistic private equity real estate firm composed of forward-thinking real estate investors leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity investing through the use of blockchain technology. Muirfield’s proprietary investment vehicles aim to solve key structural issues with traditional private equity funds, offer investors liquidity, and improve alignment with their investment managers. These innovative solutions are accessible to investors of all sizes and geographic locations.

Mr. Bavelas will provide Muirfield investor-centric insights as they create new blockchain solutions for private equity investing. Thomas Zaccagnino, founder of Muirfield Investment Partners, stated:”We are pleased to welcome Arthur to our advisory roster and to have his investor-first perspective. The 27-year success of Bavelas Group LLC and Family Office Insights speaks volumes to Arthur’s ability to manage capital and investor relationships effectively. I have been impressed by Arthur’s thought leadership across the entire capital management space and look forward to having his voice on the company’s board.”

Mr. Bavelas is eager to help Muirfield create positive change and innovation across an industry known for its legacy solutions. In joining Muirfield as an advisor, Mr. Bavelas stated:
“The idea of blockchain elicited a lot of excitement among investors, but Muirfield’s solutions promise to harness its potential and drive a viable solution to market. I am impressed by Muirfield’s commitment to disrupting the status quo to better serve their investors, and I look forward to helping them launch this new era of blockchain-based investment products.”