Murphy&Spitz Green Energy buys Czech power plant

Murphy&Spitz Green Energy has bought a 660 kW photovoltaic power plant in northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Murphy&Spitz will benefit from proximity to Germany, price-indexed feed-in tariffs, and tax rebates. The firm is a 100 percent owned a subsidiary of private equity firm Murphy&Spitz Green Capital.


Murphy&Spitz Green Energy has purchased a 660 kW photovoltaic project in north-western Bohemia. The power plant is being erected on a brownfield site and will start feeding energy into the grid in November 2010.

The location in the Czech Republic offers a number of significant advantages to German based projects:

High feed-in tariffs
The plant will feed-in electric energy into the Czech grid and receive a minimum of approximately EUR 0.46 per kilowatt hour.

Price-indexed feed-in tariffs
The feed-in tariff are guaranteed by Czech law and additionally stabilized by a yearly inflation adjustment.

Tax relief
Revenues will be subject to tax rebates resulting in a positive effect on the future cash flow of Murphy&Spitz Green Energy.

“High guaranteed long-term tariffs, backed by inflation adjustment, due process, and diligently calculated projects assure we can meet our expectations concerning return. The legal framework of our new solar project offers long-term safety on our investment”, explains Andrew Murphy, CEO of Murphy&Spitz Green Energy.

Murphy&Spitz Green Energy is a renewable power producer generating 100% pure green energy and aiming for base load capability. It is a 100% subsidiary of private equity firm Murphy&Spitz Green Capital. Murphy&Spitz Green Energy relies on the experience and contacts that Murphy&Spitz has gained in the renewable energy sector since 1999.