NaviMed sells CM Group to OPEN Health; Blackstone leans on trusted relationships

PE Hub catches up with Suzanne Yoon, founder and managing partner of Kinzie Capital.

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Healthcare deals. I know deal activity has slowed (blame it on the economy and the summer season), but it seems like the healthcare sector is just a different animal these days.

One case in point: Yesterday, NaviMed Capital agreed to sell Massachusetts-based The CM Group, a domestic medical communications firm, to London’s OPEN Health.

We have seen so much consolidation in the healthcare sector and yet, there is clearly more to be done.

It is all about relationships, and that goes for almost any industry. Speaking of relationships, I am always looking to connect with and expand my list of sources. If you want to talk about what you are seeing out there in this crazy market and/or want to talk about PE healthcare investing – I am your reporter! Feel free to email me at

Fundraising fall-out. Private Equity International’s Carmela Mendoza recently reported that PE fundraising saw a $122 billion drop-off in the first half of the year.

Capital raised by private equity funds in 2022 dropped to $337 billion as of June, from $459 billion in the same period last year, according to preliminary figures from PEI. This includes closed-end funds, co-investments, separately managed accounts and joint venture vehicles, Carmela wrote.

The number of funds closed slid nearly 40 percent to 622, from 1,033 last year, as LPs continue to concentrate capital into a smaller number of larger funds.

Read the entire story here.

Most trusted. Buyouts’ editor Chris Witkowsky recently wrote about how PE giants such as Blackstone are actually benefitting from scared and skittish limited partners who are trying to insulate from the volatile economy by mostly sticking with the most trusted GPs.

Blackstone’s fundraising pace is illustrative of firms that are able to push through market volatility and slowing pace of fundraising to hit ambitious targets. The key, top GPs say, are LPs who concentrate their capital with them, wrote Chris.

“A lot of people who invest in our asset classes are reducing the number of firms they do business with because of reasons of complexity and limitations of their own staff. We’re a huge beneficiary of that trend.” Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman said at a recent industry conference.

Read the entire story here.

In case you missed it. PE Hub’s assistant reporter intern Tara Lindenbaum recently caught up with some past and present winners of PE Hub’s and Buyouts’ women in PE. We have selected 60 dealmakers over the years, and Tara spent her summer with us diligently getting in touch and trying to see where they are now and what they are up to.

Tara spoke with Suzanne Yoon, founder and managing partner of Kinzie Capital in a wide-ranging Q&A, here are some excerpts:

Who were your mentors?
Private equity is an apprentice business. I have since had many great mentors and executives who have had an enormous impact on my career and who I am today. Some of them are actually on my board and work with me today. My entire advisory board has been amazing for me, including Norm Bobins, Chris McGowan, Linda Myers, Marc Simon, Rebecca Balyasny, and then even Peter Schwab. He is my partner today, but I used to work for Peter 20 years ago at EY. He has always inspired me because he’s been able to build world-class teams several times in his career, and we are really fortunate to have him every day at the firm.

How has the role of women in private equity evolved?
The one great thing is there are more female founders; there were none 20 years ago. Even though it is a small group of women, at least there are more. We still have a long way to go, but I think private equity is starting to recognize that gender diversity on a board is accretive to returns. If anything has improved, it’s the actual dialogue around what we do to attract and retain more women to the deal world. I think it’s becoming more sincere than it was. I also think culture is important, not just for women but for everyone. Having things like maternity leave policies that didn’t exist at most private equity firms a decade ago is really important.

Read the entire story here.

Tara’s internship ends today, and we thank her for her great work on women in PE this summer and wish her luck as she returns to Washington University for her junior year! On behalf of the entire PE Hub, PE Hub Europe and Buyouts teams, we thank you for your hard work!

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