Need to Meet: Kelly Rodriques, CEO, Pensco Trust Co

A self-regulated IRA custodian, Pensco Trust Co brought its experience to bear in the recently launched Alt-Nav. The new product leverages Pensco Trust Co’s position as an alternative asset holder of private equity, real estate, notes and other non-exchange traded assets. Private equity assets comprise more than 50 percent of its account holdings.

“What we’re doing is trying to make trading of a non-market-traded security like a private equity or real estate investment [available] at your desktop,” Rodriques said. “Alt-Nav automates the way you trade into it.”

Capital-raisers working with Pensco via Alt-Nav receive a unique link to a portal where they drag and drop the required paperwork to get their investment reviewed by Pensco. Investors in the offering then use Alt-Nav to open and fund their account and electronically complete an investment authorization containing all the pertinent deal information.

The system eliminates the need for the investor to provide repetitive information and avoids the complexity of obtaining investment documents, he said. It allows investors to review the deal and affirm their interest to fund it. As a Web-based application, Alt-Nav is accessible through the Internet on any device.

“It does reduce a lot of the paperwork friction that would go into fundraising if you’re fundraising with a focus on retirement dollars,” Rodriques said. “If you want access to larger amounts of money … this could help someone raise bigger check sizes by tapping into money in IRAs.”

As a private company, Pensco Trust has been funded by chief financial officers and other executives. It has also drawn $3 million from Stephen George, the former chief technology officer at Capricorn Investment Group and now a venture capitalist at Panorama Point Partners.

Pensco Trust launched, which launched in 1989, has 180 employees, headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Denver and Portsmouth, N.H. It holds 40,000 unique asset types and $10 billion in custodial assets.

Phone: 415-274-5600

Email:; also, senior VP of business development


By Steve Gelsi

(Correction: This story has been updated to fix an incorrect dollar figure for the investment by Stephen George into Pensco Trust Co, due to a source error. He invested $3 million, not $6 million.)