New Milwaukee private equity firm Borgman Capital launches

Milwaukee-based Borgman Capital, a private equity firm focused on lower-middle market companies in the Midwest, has launched. Sequoya Borgman is the founder and managing director of Borgman Capital. Borgman is a former partner and practice leader for RSM US LLP.


MILWAUKEE, Jan. 31, 2018 – Sequoya Borgman announced the launch of Borgman Capital, a new private equity firm that focuses primarily on acquiring interests in established closely held lower-middle market companies in the Midwest.

Borgman Capital has been fully operational since October 2017 and closed on its first investment on January 2, 2018. The firm will be headquartered in Milwaukee, with an office in the 250 East Wisconsin Building.
The firm is an agnostic investor and will consider a broad spectrum of opportunities that align with its investing principles where it can add value through sound financial oversight. The firm is opportunistic in nature and will explore and research deals that more traditional private equity firms and strategic investors may lack the structure to make profitable.

Borgman Capital takes the investment principles that larger private equity groups have successfully applied to the large and middle-market enterprises and apply them to lower-middle market companies. Unlike most private equity firms, the intent is not to divest of the company once the balance sheet is stabilized. The firm focuses on long term capital appreciation and positive cash flow.

ABOUT BORGMAN CAPITAL: Borgman Capital is a privately held investment firm focused on acquiring majority interests in established closely held lower-middle market companies. Our focus is profitable businesses with high quality management in place. We are a buy and hold investor. Our strategy is to minimize the use of leverage in order to invest in and grow the portfolio long term. We are an independent sponsor, and we raise equity for each transaction. The primary source of funds are personal equity, accredited investors, and family offices. The firm is managed by Sequoya Borgman. The firm’s website is located at

ABOUT SEQUOYA BORGMAN: Sequoya Borgman is the founder and Managing Director of Borgman Capital. He has two decades of mergers and acquisition structuring, tax planning, and due diligence experience. Prior to founding Borgman Capital, he was a Partner and practice leader for RSM US LLP.

Sequoya Borgman holds both Master’s and Bachelor Degrees in Accounting from East Carolina University. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in multiple states. He is also involved in leadership positions with a variety of non-profit and professional organizations.