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New PE firm Consensus Capital Holdings debuts

Consensus Capital Holdings, a private equity firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has launched. The firm will target companies that have sales over $5 million with an EBITDA of $1 million to $8 million. Michael Brom and Jason Byrd are the managing partners. Both worked together at Huizenga Group.


Grand Rapids, Mich., May 1, 2017 — Consensus Capital Holdings, a newly-formed Grand Rapids, Mich.-based private investment and management firm, has officially launched. Leveraging the deep investment experience of its managing partners, Michael Brom and Jason Byrd, the firm provides transitional capital solutions for targeted investment opportunities in the lower middle market.

Consensus Capital Holdings partners with management teams to profitably grow companies and improve operations by employing capital and human expertise while remaining mindful of the company’s team members, culture, and community. Typical capital uses include ownership transition of founder or generational family businesses, management buyouts, corporate carve-outs, growth capital, and recapitalizations.

Brom and Byrd built the firm on a solid foundation based on decades of transaction, financial management and operations experience. The two worked together for seven years at Huizenga Group, a privately held firm that provides management services to a diverse portfolio of companies, where Brom served as Chief Financial Officer. Brom’s experience also includes serving as operating partner or president for numerous companies in diverse industries. Byrd was most recently managing director for Charter Capital Partners, a lower middle market investment bank, capping off his significant corporate banking and private equity experience.

The duo realized they both had the same vision for a private investment and management firm. They wanted to focus on a process that would benefit everyone involved, from the owners and employees to the communities and the investors. According to Brom, “Jason and I worked together to develop a process that creates value not only for our investors and portfolio companies, but also for the communities in which they reside. Neither of us could accomplish this alone, but when combined, our unique expertise, strengths, and resources create a supportive, consultative environment.”

While the concept was strong, the compatibility of the two managing partners proved to be the clincher in their decision to launch the firm. According to Byrd, “It was a bit of a homecoming when Mike and I first discussed the concept that was to become Consensus Capital Partners. Our experience working together at Huizenga Group was invaluable in terms of making us better operators and investors. We’ve successfully navigated both positive and challenging environments together, providing each other and our portfolio companies with the right kind of energy and focus at the right time. We look forward to doing the same in this new endeavor.”

Consensus Capital Holdings is currently accepting inquiries from lower middle market companies and their advisors in targeted industries that are in need of transitional capital.

About Consensus Capital Holdings
Consensus Capital Holdings is a private investment and management firm that offers the capital, expertise, and partners to provide the right transitional capital solution for targeted investment opportunities. We maintain a long term and patient view of holdings in our portfolio. Target companies have sales greater than $5 million with an EBITDA of $1 million to $8 million, in industries including niche manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, medical device, value-added distribution, and B2B service businesses. For more information, visit