Next Thursday: Private Equity Tax Hearing

The House Ways & Means Committee today announced that it will hold a hearing next Thursday on the carried interest tax issue. It will begin at 10am, and also will include other “tax fairness” issues like the impact of the AMT on working families.

In a statement, committee chairman Charlie Rangle said the following: “One of the fundamental duties of the Committee on Ways and Means is to conduct oversight of the tax code and ensure that our tax laws promote fairness and equity for America’s working families. This hearing will examine a number of tax provisions to determine whether they are functioning fairly and equitably.”

Expect a list of invited witnesses to be released shortly. If you are not on said list but still want your opinion noted, you can submit written comments by clicking on the appropriate hearing here (note: specific hearing is not yet listed, but I’d assume it will be soon).

Ways & Means hearings are usually streamed live online, but let me know if you plan on attending in person. We can get together, as I think a day trip to DC would be appropriate…