Nimble Adds Eric Quanstrom as CMO, VP of Marketing

Eric Quanstrom has joined Nimble as CMO and vice president of marketing and sales. Previously, Quanstrom was chief operating officer of Sorenson Media. Nimble is a developer of business and social relationship manager software.

Nimble today announced Eric Quanstrom as CMO/Vice President of Marketing and Sales, further expanding the management team to build on its leadership position. Quanstrom brings a combination of marketing, digital media, technology and strategic experience to his role, where he will guide programs building on Nimble’s established reputation as the leader in social relationship management.

Previously, Quanstrom was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sorenson Media, an award-winning provider of high-quality video solutions such as Sorenson Squeeze, the gold standard in video encoding and the original video codec company behind Flash and Quicktime.

“Eric has an uncanny knack for understanding market trends — and strategically positioning a company to leverage those trends — while also creating entirely new, vibrant market segments,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO, Nimble. “These skills will be an invaluable asset as Nimble scales to meet the expanding need for social selling and social relationship management solutions. He is a dream fit and we are excited to bring him on board the Nimble team.”

Quanstrom, who guided over 50% revenue growth while at Sorenson Media, is also adept at leading marketing at startups, serving as vice president of consumer marketing and business development at SightSpeed, which was acquired by Logitech in October 2008. Other past successes include roles as director of marketing and sales for Appellation America, an innovative online wine portal, and the West Coast head of the Fox Online Properties (, and

“There’s no doubt that the future is social when it comes to selling, business development and marketing,” said Quanstrom. “Nimble is just that — quick, clever and agile — which is what businesses need to succeed today. I look forward to new opportunities to grow Nimble into an indispensable part of our customers’ business lives.”

Quanstrom welcomes his new role and views Nimble’s position as a leader in the social relationship management space as a foundation for positive growth in the coming year.

“The market for trusted social tools in the business development, sales and marketing field is growing. Business people using old techniques like cold calling or treating prospects like a number are rapidly becoming obsolete. Social software revenues will continue to explode and I look forward to developing a strategy for innovation and business operations that scale to support our growing customer base.”

About Nimble
Nimble is the world’s first Business and Social Relationship Manager for small businesses and teams. In one elegant dashboard, it automatically organizes and updates your entire relationship with the people you and your team do business with — contacts, calendars, email, and social communications. Just set up Nimble and no important information or activities fall through the cracks. No matter where your prospects, customers, and acquaintances talk to you and each other online — on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more — Nimble empowers you to collaborate productively and turn conversations into opportunities.