No Miller Time for Yahoo

Lots of reporting this weekend about how Time Warner apparently blocked former CEO Jon Miller – now a venture capitalist with Velocity Interactive Group – from joining the Yahoo board of directors. Apparently he has a non-compete that runs through next March.

Maybe that’s why Miller’s partner Ross Levinsohn was so forceful last month, when I asked him about rumors that Miller would replace Jerry Yang. “Our fund is kicking ass and we (Jon and I) are having as much fun as we’ve ever had professionally. Three of our companies are in acquisition talks (not w/ Yahoo though). Guess we’re flattered that people think Jon/I could help Yahoo, but we’re very happy where we are and what the future holds for Velocity… [There isn’t] any wiggle room.”

Not knowing about the non-compete, I had kind of assumed that Ross’ statement was a lot like a governor being asked about the vice presidential nomination. You say you’re happy, don’t want to nomination and won’t take it if offered. But, at the same time, you know it’s an offer you can’t actually turn down. Guess I was wrong…