Nova Capital Management Opens Chicago Offices

Nova Capital Management has opened North American offices in Chicago, the firm announced. David Jacobs joined the firm as an investment partner. Nova Capital is a specialist acquirer of corporate and private equity portfolios.


Nova Capital Management Ltd (“Nova”), the specialist acquirer of corporate and private equity portfolios, announced today that it has opened its North American headquarters in Chicago. Nova has also hired seasoned investment banking professional David A. Jacobs to support the company’s accelerating business growth in North America as an Investment Partner. Experts in closing complex multi-jurisdictional transactions with the goal of re-energizing businesses, Nova is bullish on the market in North America.

“We’re continuing to see increased opportunities for purchasing a diverse mix of business assets from corporate and private sellers (portfolios) in a single transaction,” said David Williamson, Managing Partner of Nova. “Many companies are coming to appreciate the option of selling an entire portfolio rather than having to sell individual assets piecemeal. The routine approach is more costly, distracting to management, destabilizing, and fraught with execution risk. We deliver a complete solution to corporate and private sellers for the sale of multiple assets in one single transaction. We have closed several complex transactions in multiple jurisdictions, and we see significant opportunities through applying our unique approach in the North American market.”

In September 2012, Nova completed the acquisition of five industrial businesses in the U.S. – all of the operating subsidiaries of Latshaw Enterprises, Inc. – in a single transaction. In August 2011, Nova completed the acquisition of five industrial businesses in Canada.

“I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities associated with coming on board at a time when there is an obvious need for Nova’s capability,” said David Jacobs. Some of Jacobs’ previous financial and advisory services to clients include work with MolsonCoors and SABMiller Plc in creating MillerCoors, the sale of Nabisco Holdings to Philip Morris, the sale of Snapple to Cadbury Schweppes and the acquisition of Slim-Fast and Ben & Jerry’s by Unilever.

Jan Kreminski, Nova’s US-based Operating Partner said, “I am delighted to have David join our team in Chicago. His investment banking background and extensive contacts will help to further fuel our growth strategy in North America.”

Kreminski noted that Nova now employs four very seasoned and experienced professionals based in North America to serve the needs of their clients, including Investment Partner Kath Jones and Operating Partner Dennis Powers. “The transatlantic nature of our firm provides us with strong capabilities to serve North American and international clients as well as our portfolio companies who may have assets in multiple geographic locations,” said Kreminski. “Our unique operating model of teaming Operating and Investment Partners together on each transaction helps us evaluate acquisitions across varied industries and geographies, allowing us to partner with management teams to accelerate growth and deliver strong investment returns through genuine value creation. The addition of David Jacobs’ experience will significantly expand our depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience.”