Now That’s Embarrassing: Blackstone Sued For Sharing FT Subscription

I guess that whole “infuriated” speech about ethics didn’t apply to everything. Steve Schwarzman and crew have been served a lawsuit from the Financial Times for sharing the username for one online subscription for the entire firm, Cityfile reports. We know that Steve isn’t cheap, so what does this say? Are times really that tough?

From the report:

Officials at the FT became a bit suspicious when they realized a very industrious Blackstone employee was accessing thousands of articles a day; a subsequent investigation turned up evidence Blackstone had been engaged in the fraud since as far back as 2002. The FT is now suing Blackstone for copyright infringement and violation of the computer fraud and abuse act.

It’s even worse when you find out that subscriptions cost all of, oh, $179 a year.

View the entire document, via Cityfile, below: