Ogone Acquires Tunz

Online payment solutions provider Ogone has acquired Tunz.com. Founded in 2007, Tunz.com owns an e-Money issuer licence which was granted by the National Bank of Belgium.


The acquisition of Tunz.com is a strategic milestone for Ogone, the worldwide specialist in online payment solutions. The newly acquired company actually has the status of European e-money issuer and is thus able to provide financial services in the European Union, for which a licence as an accredited institution for electronic money is required. Ogone can in the meantime provide various local and international payment methods with a single contract, under the terms of which web merchants can reach millions of consumers abroad easily, without excessive paperwork.

Ogone’s unrelenting quest for innovation and progress reflects the ambition of providing optimal, customer-oriented service at all times. Ogone is capitalising on the global trend towards payment via mobile technology by incorporating Tunz.com, who can offer Mobile Wallets as a part of its services. This ‘virtual wallet’ allows customers to use their mobile phone as a means of payment, and it even supports multiple currencies and products (vouchers, coupons, tickets etc.). Tunz.com’s long standing expertise constitutes an enormous winning asset and will turn Ogone’s already broad range of payment solutions into a complete, global and future-oriented service.

“The auspicious acquisition of Tunz.com is finally over and by pooling our forces we have once and for all embarked on presenting a unique, comprehensive solution to e-merchants worldwide,” said Peter De Caluwe, CEO of Ogone. “We are proud to be able to provide merchants throughout the world with the necessary means and resources to turn their greatest ambitions into reality.”

About Ogone
Ogone is a leading European Payment Service Provider with international reach. More than 35,000 businesses worldwide trust Ogone to manage, collect and secure their online and mobile payments, help prevent fraud and drive their business. The company is headquartered in Belgium, has operations in India through its acquisition of EBS in 2011 and maintains regional sales offices throughout the world, with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Ogone is connected through certified links with more than 200 different banks and acquirers and hence is able to provide over 80 international, alternative and prominent local payment methods in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Ogone’s portfolio of payment methods helps online businesses to expand reach and increase checkout conversion. Additionally, companies benefit from the platform’s transactional functionalities, extensive back-office capabilities and advanced fraud prevention systems as well as future-proofing their business as Ogone is committed to providing new payment solutions as consumers adopt them.

A number of major organisations have also opted to use Ogone to handle their payments. These include Base, Tui, ThomasCook, Kinepolis, DHL International, Brussels Airlines, Thalys International, Center Parks, Mobistar, Proximus, NMBS, AS Adventure, Nationale Loterij and Vente-Exclusive.com.

Ogone is an independent company with Summit Partners as majority shareholder and partner of the management team.

About Tunz.com
Founded in 2007, Tunz.com owns an e-Money issuer licence which was granted by the National Bank of Belgium . As an e-money issuer Tunz.com can collect, convert and hold customer deposits in the form of electronic money. Tunz.com has an e-money licence with European passport, and is thus able to provide its services in all 27 EU Member States. The company has clearly developed leading expertise in mobile payments and supports its customers in the go-to-market and on the operational front. All developments on the technical platform are entirely in house, which guarantees total control of the platform.
Tunz.com has as of 2009 ensured the full financial and technical management of the mobile payment service PingPing (www.pingping.be). In 2012, Tunz.com was taken over completely by the Ogone group.