Prized Watercolor of Warren Buffett Missing

No one is publicly accusing anyone of helping himself or herself to a prized 23-year-old watercolor caricature of investor Warren Buffett from the Omaha Press Club, but it’s certainly looking like that’s what has happened, alas. The painting, which portrays a wild-haired Buffett standing in a sea of money and holding a Berkshire Hathaway annual report that reads “We’re All Rich,” appears to have disappeared sometime this summer, when the club took it along to a temporary location while its historic meeting place was being renovated.

The club’s executive director, Steve Villamonte, tells Forbes that the club reported the portrait stolen after checking “every nook and cranny to make sure we didn’t misplace it.”

In the meantime, no reward is being offered. Villamonte and his staff are instead hoping that if it doesn’t turn up, Buffett will come back to the club, where a brand-new watercolor caricature of him standing in a sea of money will promptly be commissioned.