Ok, NOW We’re Relaunched

We officially relaunched peHUB early this morning, and then watched in horror as it crashed beneath the weight of inquiring readers. Word is that the problem is all fixed, although we’re carefully monitoring the situation and holding back a few new features until all nerves have settled.

Other than that: Welcome to the new and improved peHUB.com. It’s still your public forum for private equity, but with a different look and improved functionality.

The site’s traffic is more than double what it was this time last year – thanks in large part to having dedicated reporters other than just me — but there have been some nagging issues we wanted to address. First and foremost was the site’s speed, which was slower than today’s Tom Brady (too soon? I’m trying to smile through the pain). A close second was that the peHUB homepage was too crowded, so we’ve cut the four columns in half.  We’ve also added a pair of verticals: Venture Capital and Buyouts. This means that all peHUB blog content will remain on the homepage, but you can filter out the stuff you’re probably not interested in.

We’ve also integrated news items into the blog feeds, which means that you can more easily check the site throughout the day for the latest news. Major stories will sit on the homepage, while every VC and buyout item will appear in the VC/Buyout verticals, respectively. In addition, all Vox Populi posts – the ones written by industry professionals – are now in front of the paid firewall (all other content will continue to go there after five days, but you can get a yearly subscription for just $124). We also will have firm/company tags on the posts within a day or so, which means that subscribers can easily find older content of interest.

Finally, the new site has a completely redesigned backend, which should enable much greater flexibility when it comes to things like multimedia content. So take a look around. I hope you’ll like what you find.