Omnicare Clinical Now Theorem Clinical

Omnicare Clinical Research, a contract research organization owned by Nautic Partners, has re-named itself Theorem Clinical Research. Nautic bought the company in April, and the rebranding is part of the company’s separation from its former parent company. The company is based in King of Prussia, Pa. Nautic Partners is based in Providence, R.I.


Omnicare Clinical Research, a leading global, full-service contract research organization (CRO), announces the re-branding of the company under the name Theorem Clinical Research. The brand launch marks the final step in the CRO’s separation from its former parent company in a deal that was finalized this spring.

Nautic Partners, LLC, a private equity firm based in Providence, R.I., acquired the CRO in a transaction publicized in April. The signing of the deal not only made official the separation of Omnicare Clinical Research from former parent company, Omnicare, Inc., it accomplished the company’s most visible step in achieving the long-identified goal: to stand on its own and deliver results the way that clients need.

Now, under the new name, Theorem Clinical Research will bring its legacy of more than two decades of experience and industry leadership to manage the most complex trials. With approximately 1,000 dedicated professionals and dozens of locations around the globe, Theorem Clinical Research will continue to provide full-service clinical trial management, with a continued focus on its core CRO (Early Phase, Phase II/III, Late Phase) and its specialized business units:

· Pharmaceutics

· Medical Device

· Technical Services (Biometrics & Clinical Data Management)

“The re-branding of the company is not something that happened overnight,” says Dr. James Pusey, President & CEO, Theorem Clinical Research. “This is 25 years in the making. We are now able to be more agile and efficient since we are now in the driver’s seat of our own company. We strive to be able to work the way our clients do; from our specialized business units to our 32 locations, Theorem Clinical Research is able to give clients exactly what they need.”

Pusey continues, “We are thrilled about the birth of a new brand. We chose the name ‘Theorem’ because it defines who we are: Proven. Scientific. Smart. Theorem is a company that seeks out the toughest trials and helps our clients get to a decision point faster. We bring the experience, skills, flexibility and intellect needed to get the job done.”

Theorem Clinical Research started its journey to this point knowing that restructuring would only better serve its clients. With locations in 32 countries, Theorem has been able to bring clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries quick, accurate, scientific results that help its clients make critical decisions faster. The company is organized to be agile, with a large global presence to get trials started and completed anywhere around the world.

Over the last five years the company has successfully completed over 1,500 studies worldwide with more than 337,000 participating patients.

“We believe that this rebirth creates a powerful new voice in the clinical services space. Our experience in real-world clinical research and real-world solutions help clients to maximize outcomes. From the first-in-patient phase through approvals, we know this industry and now are in an even better position to deliver than ever before.”

Theorem will be at the 47th Annual Drug Information Association (DIA) Meeting, June 19-23 in Chicago to kick-off the new brand. Visit them at Booth 529.

About Theorem Clinical Research:

Theorem Clinical Research is a leading global, full-service contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. With office locations in 32 countries, the firm has relationships with customers all across the globe comprised of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Theorem’s core CRO services are Early Phase, Phase II/III and Late Phase and the company features specialized Business Units focused on medical device, technical services and pharmaceutics