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If any healthcare readers out there are heading to the Healthcare Innovation and Investment conference in Chicago next week, hit me up, I'll be there!
NYC comptroller Scott Stringer announced that senior investment officer Eneasz Kadziela was promoted to lead private equity for the entire city system.
Yesterday, we saw Great Hill Partners announce its first pure-play healthcare services deal.
Enlightened funds no longer see tech as a luxury, but rather as mission critical to attracting investment, winning deals, extracting maximum portfolio value and delivering results.
Fast-growing Goli Nutrition remains up for sale after almost a year, while sponsors vie for Vohra Wound Physicians in a process that could produce a deal valued around the ballpark of $1.4bn.
Building on its existing track record, LTPC sees an opportunity to accelerate growth at Summit, which scaled from five states to 20 under CI Capital.
An interesting dynamic this year is that the candidates have had a year of actual work experience in their two-year banking analyst programs.
CVC invests in CFGI while physical therapy companies prep for sales.
Ronin Equity has M&A plans for QBD and Minus Forty while Clearlake buys Mold-Rite Plastics.

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