Oracle Buying Bridgestream

Small scoop out of Silicon Valley, where Oracle has agreed to buy San Francisco-based enterprise software company Bridgestream. I’m told that the company’s annual revenue is around $500k, with the sale price somewhere between $33 million and $36 million.

An official announcement is expected to come within the next day. Bridgestream spokesman Ed Zou declined to comment.

Bridgestream was founded in 2000 to develop a self-service HR management platform, but later refocused on the employee identity market, with a role automation product that “maps the business relationships that exist within a department, within a division and across the extended enterprise to provide fast, accurate and real-time information about role-based authorizations and changes.” It’s like role mining on steroids and also has a provisioning piece that could work with prior Oracle acquisitions like Thor Technologies.

Bridgestream has raised around $14 million in total VC funding, from firms like Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Outlook Ventures, ArrowPath Ventures and Polestar Capital.