Stonepeak-owned Cologix buys fourth Vancouver data center

Cologix, a carrier and cloud-neutral hyperscale edge data centers and services provider, has acquired a fourth data center in Vancouver, renamed VAN4.

Cologix, a carrier and cloud-neutral hyperscale edge data centers and services provider, has acquired a fourth data center in Vancouver, renamed VAN4. No financial terms were disclosed. VAN4 will connect local businesses to clients and suppliers in the Asia-Pacific, Cologix said. Based in Denver, Colorado, Cologix is majority owned by Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners.


DENVER, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cologix, North America’s leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company, today announced completion of its purchase of the interconnection facility located at 175 West Cordova in the Gastown District of Vancouver, with 68K square feet of capacity in the heart of downtown. The facility, now renamed VAN4, will offer 4 MW of colocation capacity across 4 floors.

VAN4 – New international gateway to connect Vancouver companies to their clients and suppliers across the APAC region.

“175 West Cordova is already the most strategically connected building in Vancouver, home to several international and trans Canadian long-haul networks with strong pre-leasing activity for additional transpacific carriers and new hyperscale edge deployments,” said Cologix’s CEO Bill Fathers. “As we have invested in dark fiber capacity linking our other 3 Vancouver data centers, VAN1-3, we will similarly invest to tie in VAN4.”

This linkage enables clients to access over 200 carriers, cloud onramps from Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft® Azure ExpressRoute and Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect, and our Cologix Access Marketplace from any of our facilities.

Investing in Vancouver’s Future
As the vast majority of North American terrestrial fiber networks connect through western Canada into Vancouver, the City of Vancouver is rapidly becoming a world leading data networking and cloud services hub, on the level of such connection-dense West Coast cities as San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

“Vancouver is a fast growing and digitally progressive market; digital media, financial services and technology companies are embracing the cloud as part of their digital transformation. VAN4 is a new international gateway that will connect Vancouver based companies to their clients and suppliers across the Asia-Pacific region,” said Laura Ortman, Cologix’s President and Chief Revenue Officer.

Cologix is committed to Vancouver as a crucial market enabling Canada’s digital transformation. In 2020 Cologix tripled capacity in Vancouver with VAN3, a 5 MW, 42K square foot facility located at 2828 Natal Street and now continues its investment with the addition of VAN4.

Fiber Connections that Connect the World
Vancouver is considered a prime growth location for high density interconnection, where many of the world’s critical fiber networks already meet, connect, and extend across North America.

VAN4 serves as a key interconnection hub for critical networking infrastructure, including the primary Seattle to Vancouver terrestrial long haul fiber route and the Rogers long haul fiber network, as well as the future hub for Cascadia Gateway. Ken Thorpe, CEO and Founder of Cascadia Gateway said, “We at Cascadia Gateway are very pleased to be working closely with Cologix at 175 West Cordova as part of our Vancouver/Seattle Cascadia Fibre Network. We applaud Cologix for their commitment to Vancouver and the enablement of this Asia-Pacific gateway.”

With all major Canadian telecommunications providers already colocated at VAN4, Cologix has grown its capabilities to provide customers with enhanced networking and connectivity options, enabling them to reach more customers with expanded network access quickly and with scale.

As the interconnection leader in Canada, Cologix has invested CAD $500+ million over three years to grow its Canadian platform, including building and expanding cloud gateways with directly adjacent or annex peering hubs and hyperscale edge facilities, enabling dark fiber connectivity, and developing 13 cloud onramps to access hyperscale cloud providers directly and privately – all built upon the most robust interconnection infrastructure in the country. Cologix’s Canadian interconnection footprint includes 20 data centers.

About Cologix Inc.
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