PE-backed Gorilla Logic buys Modernist Studio

Gorilla Logic, which is backed by Sverica Capital Management, has acquired Austin, Texas-based Modernist Studio, a design and ideation boutique.

Gorilla Logic, which is backed by Sverica Capital Management, has acquired Austin, Texas-based Modernist Studio, a design and ideation boutique. No financial terms were disclosed.


BROOMFIELD, Colo., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gorilla Logic, a world-class software development services provider backed by the private equity firm Sverica Capital Management, recently announced that it has acquired Modernist Studio, an influential design and ideation boutique in Austin, Texas. Modernist Studio helps clients envision and design innovative multi-platform products that are research-driven and grounded in the realities of business. This partnership enables Gorilla Logic to provide end-to-end support to its clients—from the inception of an idea all the way through to the final stages of execution.

“Historically, clients come to us with their vision, and we provide the know-how to build it. Modernist Studio joining Gorilla Logic gives us the ability to offer a much more complete set of product and software services—Ideate, Innovate, Design, Build, and Deliver. This span of services truly differentiates us in a growing market,” says Gorilla Logic CEO, Daniel Berg.
The team from Modernist Studio will be the research and visual design arm of the full-service custom software development suite at Gorilla Logic. Their experts start with observation research to understand a user’s experience journey—identifying the cracks that create frustration, attrition, or negative reviews. Then they design to create digital experiences that help a client’s customers or employees move seamlessly from start to finish. Designing with development in mind and partnering with the Gorilla Logic product design team enables efficient execution of the client’s vision through a completely in-house, seamless experience.

Founded in 2002, Gorilla Logic is the first premier nearshore provider of custom software development services for mobile, web, and enterprise applications. The Gorillas, as they like to call themselves, deliver complex full-stack and multi-platform custom solutions that provide brands with innovative technological applications to solve their most critical challenges. With 700+ employees throughout Colombia, Costa Rica, and the United States, Gorilla Logic takes on software development projects across a variety of industries, including Media and Entertainment, Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare, Travel and Leisure, Technology, Financial and Legal Services, Infotech and Industrial Goods.

Gorilla Logic’s track record of innovation and success will only be bolstered by this collaborative partnership and the expanded capabilities that will come from it. This acquisition ensures that the designs created by Modernist Studio can be fully realized by skilled Agile developers, and positions Gorilla Logic for continued growth and expansion.

“By combining Modernist’s strategic thinking and craft with the speed and capability of a world-class development team, our ability to help our clients realize change will be stronger than ever,” Matthew Franks, CEO of Modernist Studio, says. Franks will join the Gorilla Logic Executive Team and continue running Modernist Studio with his co-founders, Jon Kolko and Chad Fisher.

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Gorilla Logic provides nearshore Agile teams to Fortune 500 and SMB companies, bringing unparalleled expertise in the delivery of full-stack web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Our highly collaborative Agile Gorillas are uniquely qualified to implement complex software initiatives, and are skilled at large Agile implementations—we’re a Scaled Agile® Silver Partner. With offices in the United States, Costa Rica, and Colombia, Gorilla Logic helps clients gain competitive advantages to achieve results faster.