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PE-backed OnePlus buys SmartBin

OnePlus Corp, a portfolio company of ParkerGale, has acquired SmartBin. No financial terms were disclosed. Headquartered in Dublin, SmartBin is a provider of intelligent remote monitoring systems for the waste and recycling industries.


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnePlus Corp., a ParkerGale portfolio company providing leading technology solutions in waste compactor monitoring systems, announced it has acquired SmartBin, a leader in intelligent remote monitoring systems for the waste and recycling sectors.

Headquartered in Dublin with offices in Boston and Sydney, SmartBin has over 100 clients in more than 25 countries, including the United States. Clients include private and public collectors of waste and recyclables, collectors of used cooking and waste oils and distributors of fresh oil and lubricants. All clients take advantage of SmartBin’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City solutions to optimize their collection routes and logistics by knowing when bins are full or ready for emptying.

With 11 patents for sensing and monitoring, OnePlus is focused primarily on offering cost-effective sensing technology devices and aggregating data its customers can leverage on its user-friendly software platform. OnePlus has an installed base of several thousand sensor units with over 200 customers across all 50 states.

The combined company, which will be headquartered in Chicago and Dublin, enables each company to introduce its technology in new geographies and end markets, including fueling OnePlus’ growth in Europe and Australia.

“SmartBin has forged its reputation on making the waste collection process more efficient for drop boxes and solid and liquid waste receptacles,” said Klaus Voss, CEO of OnePlus. “Combining SmartBin’s multi-faceted solutions with our expertise on compactor sensor technology enables us to assist more customers all over the world.”

OnePlus’ remote monitoring solutions are designed for compactor units, while SmartBin’s sensors are used in smaller bins and receptacles for items such as textiles and liquid waste.

Retailers, municipalities, grocery stores and most waste management providers typically utilize a range of various sized waste containers and compactors at their sites, so companies now can look to OnePlus and SmartBin for all their intelligent waste monitoring needs. The two companies are effectively leveraging each other’s highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly services for their customers and citizens alike.

“Our solutions are highly complementary,” said Brendan Walsh, CEO of SmartBin. “Both companies have been successful in solving the same problem but for different clients and industries. Together, we can be a one-stop solution for our customers.”

OnePlus was founded in 1989 and acquired by private equity firm ParkerGale in October 2015. SmartBin was established in 2010.

About ParkerGale
Based in Chicago, ParkerGale Capital was founded in 2014 to acquire founder-owned, profitable technology companies with subscription or transaction-based revenue models. ParkerGale provides its management teams with technology, sales and strategy resources to help its businesses grow and scale. For more information, please visit

About OnePlus
OnePlus, established in 1989, offers patented sensor technology with a user-friendly software solution that remotely monitors the fullness and health of large trash compactors. Customers use real-time data that OnePlus’ solution provides to significantly lower their waste hauling costs through reduced frequency of scheduled pickups. OnePlus serves small and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies including Republic Services, General Electric, Lowe’s, American Airlines, Home Depot and Kroger. For more information, please visit

About SmartBin
Since 2010, SmartBin has made collection and distribution operations smarter, more efficient and less wasteful. With over 100 clients in more than 25 countries, SmartBin has set the standard for smart recycling and intelligent IoT waste management across the globe. In 2016, SmartBin was acquired by OnePlus Corp., and maintains support centers in Dublin, Boston and Sydney, as well as a partner network across the globe. For more information, please visit