PE Fund Performance Data

UTIMCO is the granddaddy of private equity disclosure – having been the nation’s first public institution to intentionally release fund-level return data (CalPERS previously did so by accident). But you still can’t get updated numbers on the UTIMCO website, as you can for CalPERS, CalSTRS, UC Regents, Oregon, Washington, etc. Instead, you’ve got to make a special request.

I did so last Thursday, and within 24 hours received four performance-related documents:

* UTIMCO’s active private equity portfolio

* A description of each fund in UTIMCO’s active portfolio.

* UTIMCO’s fully-realized portfolio
* A comparison of UTIMCO’s private equity returns versus public benchmarks

The data is through May 31, 2007. Don’t pay much attention to IRRs for funds raised since 2005, as they could be at the low point of their J-curve (particularly VC funds).